Friggin Huge

So, as you who have kindly read my last missive will know, my household, specifically I, are/am revamping the whole litter box setup. (that is not my cat in the picture.)

Report on old news, the Kitty Poo Club: I love this litter they sent me. I love the box, but there’s a complication.

New news: the cat-box enclosure. The Pro Pawty Enclosure is a big wire and cloth cube that goes over your litter box. There’s a small entrance for your cat, and a big zippered opening for cleaning.

Complications: The Enclosure is too tall for the table I wanted to put it under. I know, you’re supposed to measure first when you buy things, but this table is really tall, like almost counter-tall. And the enclosure is clearly not strong enough to put things on top, so it really should go under a table to save space. For an apartment, this thing is pretty big. Of course, I intend to leave a review on the website, but you read it here first.

The Enclosure was also quite difficult to put together. Kind of like trying to construct a small Eiffel Tower with no rivets, and then pull tight-fitting nylon bag over the whole thing while not letting it fall apart. Also, I somehow managed to do it sideways. I can’t decide whether I want to take the trouble to do it again.

The cardboard litter box barely fits in the space meant for it in the enclosure. And the sides on the cardboard box are so high that it’s kind of a hassle to scoop the box (but I manage). One the plus side, the cardboard box has right angles, so it’s easier to scoop all the litter, despite being hard to reach. If you’re tall, this will be a breeze for you.) And because I set the enclosure up sideways, there is no partition to separate the box from the entryway.

But the silica litter is working like a champ so far. I detect no wetness nor odor in the box; I’ve been scooping once or twice a day. Last night, I thought to myself, maybe I should go ahead and scoop once more before I go to bed. But then I decided to chance it. This morning, the box was just fine. I’m sure that one does need to do the scooping/sifting once a day to keep the litter fresh – I find the litter in brittle clumps which break apart immediately upon being scooped. But that chore is a lot easier with this litter.

Next month, I’m going to try using the silica litter with my old plastic box, with rounded sides, and see how that works. I definitely won’t be using the dome anymore because the enclosure makes that not only unnecessary but an obstacle to cleaning.

If I discover any problems, I will report back.

Kitty Poo Club

So, I decided several months ago that I had had enough with the litter box situation. We had these big plastic litter boxes with a pan in the bottom to catch the urine on a pad, and neither one of us wanted to check them, so we generally wound up waiting until the pad was overfilled to change it. Also, for some reason, our cat used one box for number ones and the other for number twos. No idea how that happened. But the litter was big clay cylindrical pellets that got all over the house, especially all over the kitchen floor, and when we tried to sweep them, they rolled all over. That was the fun and convenience of the Tidy Cat Breeze system. I do not recommend it.

Our first foray was to get a new litter box – the Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Pan. This was a step up. If you’re strong and can handle picking up the tray and emptying the litter into the other tray for sifting, without getting it all over the floor, then maybe this is for you. It takes clumping litter. One of it’s downsides is urine tends to flow all the way down to the bottom where it makes clumps that get stuck to the bottom and sides of the pan and I wind up scraping wet clay off of the bottom of the tray. Also, this did not solve the tracking problem. I tried a couple of different clumping litters for this box and I did not find one that I liked. If you are into clumping litter, and you’ve found one you like, this box might really solve some problems. (please feel free to share in the comments!)

Then we were trying to switch to a new litter, but Amazon gave us trouble, so we never got to try that one, but I started getting desperate for a solution, so I looked elsewhere and discovered that there is at least one organization that specializes in getting cat litter to people who need it. Not Chewy, bless them, who specialize in pets, but just cat litter and nothing else.

The Kitty Poo Club sends a box or two, or more depending on how many cats you have, every month. Collapsible boxes, each with a month’s supply of litter. When you’re done with the litter, you dispose of the box and litter together. The litter comes in clay, soy, or silica. I went with the fine grain silica. (They have other options, like just getting the litter or just the boxes, but I wanted to whole package.)

We just got this two days ago: Saturday. The box was easy to set up. I got the introductory package that came with the dome for free, and I’m definitely gonna keep getting the dome because that dome keeps my cat from flinging litter all over the place. She’s got room for her head and shoulders because the dome doesn’t go all the way around, but she can’t dig anywhere but against the walls.

The litter needs to be stirred once or twice a day. It’s easy to see where my cat has peed because there’s a yellow color and the litter clumps a bit – which is why it has to be stirred, to move the moisture around. Supposedly some of the moisture evaporates, I don’t know, but the litter still looks pretty dry. And her poops get desiccated in there so when I scoop them out, they are easy to dump in the trash.

I will post updates to this over the next month just to report how it goes. Just for information: I have a middle-aged cat, Dot, who weighs 14 lbs. She’s a very long girl, and she pees a lot. She also acclimates to new litter like a champ.

So come back if you want to know more about how this worked for me and Dot.